Well Bruvvas blue are at Retford tonight for a charity gig. I'm sure we will have a fantastic night as always!!!
Just loves Rotherham. You were absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks for having us....... We are the Bruvvas blue n we'll be back again to see you!!
Bruvvas blue are back at casa bar and kitchen on Friday 2nd November. Hope to see you all there for another fantastic night.
We are the BruvvasBlue and we know what to do...!

That's why we are really looking forward to Fanny & Bacardi Show bar in Wakefield tonight... See you there from 10.30pm

Jake & Elwood
Next Saturday night Bruvvas Blue will be at Wakefield's number one venue as we perform live at Fanny and Bacardi show bar in Wakefield. We are back by popular demand so visit www.fannyandbacardi.co.uk for more details!


Jake & Elwood
We have been given some really exciting news this week.....keepchecking out Bruvvasblue.com for more on this next week!!!?!?!?!?!

What could it be...!?!?
Casa bar and kitchen tonight at Beverley. Join us there in 15 minutes!!
See us every first Friday of the month at the Casa Bar & Kitchen in Beverley. The first one was on 7th September and as this was such a success, we have been asked to go back for the next five months. I'm sure that there will be loads of fun, so join us there.
Welcome to the all new Bruvvasblue website...!
Finally we're up to date!

Keep an eye out for up and coming gigs!!!

See you soon!!!

Jake & Elwood xxx